Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life in quick pics

I love the fact that I can take a quick photo on my phone on the go, when my big quality camera isn't around. How sad that previous generations didn't get to capture these funny, everyday happenings and then share them in seconds with each other at work or wherever! All we could do was tell a story back then, but the magic of a photo is totally different... Bub the hub loves getting a quick pic of what silly things the girls are doing during the day. And I love sharing them with him, and other family and friends.

I got a new cell phone in August, so here is what's been going on in quick pics since then:

                        girls lovin the HEB car cart             Took  my bff Ali's pink lipstick hostage!

          Making a face that reminds me of myself :)         Tackling her cousin Molly!!
                learning how to do flat iron curls!            Avery's first day of school this year

Worn out w/ friend Kaleb from Children's Museum....& picking our pumpkin this year

              Bub the hub samples fried jambalaya            way too much fun at Home Depot

Daddy makes doctor's appointments WAY better

                                     first big boo-boo :(                               Avery dead asleep in the car
              Maddie ATE this box. yep, you read right             playing in the leaves!!!!!!

                              happy on her bike                                                     post-haircut :)
     Maddie wanted to wear a headband that day        Avery cute in her kitty cat tights

Maddie stole an apple out of the fridge and ate a chunk!! not sure if this is safe?
There it is, four months in the life! Such a fun sample, I'm definitely gonna post these more :)

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