Friday, June 8, 2012

At the Barndo

We had a good time hanging out with family at the Barndominium over Memorial Day. My cousin's kids are so great with the girls. Most fun was getting Avery and Madeline in their matching suits for the first time. Polka dots with tutus-- I was overwhelmed by the sweetness! Got lots of other good pics too:

first thing Maddie had to do: CLIMB stairs. yes she's a fan now
then have a cuddle with cousin Mackenzie!

and it's always a feast at the Barndo, this time it was 
double stuffed potatoes and perfectly cooked beef tenderloin
and pretty Nana :)

The kids seemed to be excited about dinner

and an amazing strawberry shortcake dessert, yum yum
Birthday girl Katie turned NINE. I remember this precious
baby girl in my arms like it was yesterday!

After dinner the girls really needed to cuddle with Maddie...
and put cups on cousin Johnny's cute little head!

And the photo you've really been waiting for--
can't even handle the cuteness?? I know. Same here.

Need some out-takes? I thought so.
Wondering what Avery is thinking? I'll tell you.

"Wait a sec, are we wearing the same exact thing?"
"ok, that's a little embarrassing."


"Mom, did she really just put her hand on my leg?"
"...someone needs to control this baby."

then it was swim time!
Jack with his water gun and Maddie splashing around

Avery checking things out and the babies in the float together.
I love how Maddie is trying to hold Johnny's hand :)

we wore these girls out! and daddy is tired from golfing

post nap Avery is a happy Avery!!

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  1. I love the pic where Maddie is touching Avery's leg. Made me smile! :)


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