Monday, May 28, 2012

Nine Months

I'm a little late getting this out (once again), but BABY BUB is NINE months old!!

mommy makes me sit for my monthly photo...

but I'd much rather be doing this!

It was finally time to weigh in at the pediatrician this month...and it was an appointment without any shots, so guess who was a happy girl?

Madeline weighs  17 pounds, 10 ounces and is 27 inches long. That's around 20% weight and 25% height percentiles. She is still my pint sized princess! Except for her head that is, which is still high on the chart-- about 75%.

We have seen the most changes and milestones BY FAR this past month. Guess which is the most exciting?? Did you guess? Yes, she is sleeping consistently through the night. Hurray! Down at 7pm and up anywhere from 5-7:30am. Works for me!

About halfway through the month, Maddie rediscovered the fun of standing up in her crib, so we had to release it down to the lowest rung. She also thinks it's necessary to stand up immediately after being put down for nap or big sleep and stand near the door to let us know she'd much rather be hanging out with us...we know sweet girl! But you need your sleep!!

Almost equally as great as sleeping through the night, Maddie is finally drinking normal baby formula, 24/7. So her "sensitivity" has resolved. Took a lot longer than we were hoping for, but we're super glad that her tummy can handle it now, and especially thrilled that we don't have to spend all that extra $$$ on the special stuff! 
More nine month facts:
<--The two teeth have grown in even more and her chewing has improved astronomically.  She can handle small pieces of fruit like blueberries and pear. And NO-baby could beat this girl in a puff eating contest :).

Another big thing this month is how fast she took to her walker. After several weeks of getting frustrated that mommy and daddy could not walk her around all the time, it took about 2 days to figure out how to maneuver this thing like a pro! -->

<--She is a total bundle of energy and gets into even more things than before! She especially likes to play with anything that she is not allowed (touch screen remote, my computer, Avery's drink, paper...) and has a very mischievious grin when she gets ahold of any said things.

Still pulling up on everything and now walking from one piece of furniture to another. She is fearless! And did I mention waving? She is now waving at people, toys and basically everything she passes in her walker-->

<--Baby Bub is great in the shopping cart, and doesn't even mind squeezing in with her big sister. Or maybe I should say that Avery doesn't mind riding with her little sister! I think it's a total thrill for  Madeline. She loves to people watch. Anyone who gives her a smile gets a big grin back!!

<--Looks super duper cute in ruffle butts! That counts as an update, right?

Ditto in her froggy blanket. There's not much better than a freshly bathed Maddie Brynn, ready for bedtime.-->

Even though her mobility has given her so much independence, she can still be mommy's needy little baby sometimes...but who can resist when she wants to be held and cuddled!? I sure can't. Love you big girl!!

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