Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Haircut

Yes, I know it's kind of crazy, but up until a week ago, Avery had never had a professional haircut. There are several reasons for this...the few that come to mind are 1) for a long time she couldn't sit up straight enough to sit in a barber chair 2) her hair is beautiful and I couldn't bear to cut it 3) I actually did try to even it out once by myself (it was pretty lopsided from the surgeries), but that was a disaster and I was kind of embarrassed at my it had been getting extra tangly for awhile, and I was honestly tired of her getting so mad at me when I brushed it. So we decided it was time! Of  course, I don't know what I was worried about because she did great and I did not even cry...much. Here are the photos of my big girl :)

brushed and ready to go!

here we go...

snip snip

hey, this isn't so bad...

all done! so light and fluffy :)

wait...I behave myself and all I get is this lousy lollipop?

me and my girl...chowing down with her new do


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