Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Months

Good lord I have so much to blog about and no time to do it!! The card orders have really been rolling in lately and I barely have time to work on those, much less update the blog-- but there is just so much I want to make sure that I record so we don't forget any of this precious time with the girls :)

I really need to do Madeline's TWO month blog post though before she gets any older! At her pediatrician appointment she weighed in at 9 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long. She is still wearing newborn size clothes and newborn diapers. Back on the 15th, I took a new photo, which I will set next to the first one to give you an idea of how much she has changed...

well fed, yes? the leg chunk alone is hilarious!!

Madeline's second month of life definitely proved to be a bigger challenge than her first...she has established a mighty fine pair of lungs to remind us when she wants our attention. We've had fussiness issues with a slight milk protein sensitivity, but we seemed to have figured that out for the most part (I hope).

Baby Bub also started snoozing for longer periods of time, and even let us sleep in after a six hour stretch! She has developed a good schedule at night that her parents appreciate greatly. She still has a voracious appetite, and wants her pacy most of the time in between.

We also saw more alert time and lots of smiles around the two month mark! They totally melt our hearts, of course. She started really loving the swing too. She cracks us up when she stares up with her mouth open at the "bugs" that twirl at the top, like they are absolutely mesmerizing lol.

Madeline enjoys riding in her stroller...

and still very much wants to cuddle under our chins :)

STILL enjoys her baths, and loves her Puj tub so much...
we let her sleep in it! (only supervised of course)

every week she goes with me to take her sister to swim therapy
and sleeps the whole time

in the mornings, she has the cutest darn bedhead you've ever seen!

and she has had tons of visitors :)

I have to say that this new two kid situation has been a total rollercoaster, and even more work than I imagined! I'm still completely amazed how I make it every morning to drop Avery off at school. I am basically just running around the house like a crazy woman-- fixing breakfast, fetching a pacifier, making a bottle, getting little girls dressed, searching for lost car keys-- the list goes on!

Hopefully one of these days I'll find a better rhythm. Right now I still feel like a mess all the time. I used to not leave the house without seasonally appropriate clothing, matching shoes and at least some eyeliner. Now it's pajamas, flip flops and a miracle if I'm wearing any makeup! Or brushed hair for that matter. It's ok though, because I know that I'll look back someday and miss all this craziness. So for now, I'm just trying to soak it in.


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