Friday, July 8, 2011

My New Baby

No, not Baby Bub you sillies...she's still baking! My other new baby:

Isn't she pretty!?! If you can't tell from the photo, she is a very soft light blue with silver trim. It was a bit of a surprise that it was already time to trade in for something newer, but I think we made the most of it. We picked another crossover with a bit more room in the middle for the expanding family :).

We decided on a Lincoln MKX,  and I've been driving her for about a month. I am still very happy with our decision, especially because she has some features that I can't figure out how I've lived without for so long! Here, please let me share them with you:
-power lift gate...seriously y'all, is this not the greatest device ever? Being 8 months pregnant in the middle of a Texas summer, I just love being able to press a little button that opens and closes the back gate. I already have to lug out the stroller, so this is just really nice...I'm never touching a trunk again!
-air conditioned seats...I'm gonna be honest, I didn't even know this existed before now...I mean, the leather seats have little ventilated holes that cool my tushie as I drive. No jokin', I'm in heaven! They provide heat for colder weather too, but who can think about that right now?
-keyless your car down before you even get to it! Love it!
-keyless excited to have that code on the car door that means I can't accidentally lock my precious munchkin in the car :)
-separate controls for driver &passenger a/c...if you've ever driven with my endlessly overheated husband, you would understand why this is so important. I no longer have to be a passenger popsicle!
-CD changer on the dash...really nice to not have to mess with this in the glove box anymore...
-miles until empty display...I know this isn't anything new or fancy, but I love knowing exactly where I stand gas-wise.
-dual DVD monitors in the's super luxurious to have a cartoon/movie ready in case of road trips or cranky lil'bubs!
-one touch seat has a button that automatically folds down the middle seats for more trunk space-- does this car take care of itself or what??
-it's gorrrrrrr-geous...really! can you tell I love it?!


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