Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey Normal Day!

The beginning of last week was pretty rough on the bub family. It was a couple of days where it seemed like nothing was going right! To the point of ridiculousness, I would say. I had to try really hard on not focusing on all the negative stuff...which reminded me of this poster I saw on the web awhile ago. The words kept reverberating in my mind when I started to dwell on what had gone wrong those days, and they were a good reminder of what I needed to focus on. 

These words always hit me hard because the very first time I read them, I couldn't help but think about before and after lil'bub was born, when life got a whole lot more complicated in even more ways than you would normally expect for new parents. But now that we have (somewhat :) adjusted to our new normal, I read these words and remember that everything could have turned out so much differently, and can yet still change! So they comfort me, and remind me of what's important, and perhaps they will remind you too.

AND, thank goodness, this week has gotten off to a much better start! Here is the poster, recreated by me:


1 comment :

  1. Thank you for this Cassie! I need to print this and pin it on my fridge so that I always have a reminder to treasure the normal no matter what kind of day we are having... :)


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