Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Update #1- yes, my shoes and I did have a fantastic time at my high school reunion, thank you for wondering!

Update #2- the Halloween costume poll is now officially closed and the winner is.....BUMBLE BEE!! I am so excited to see lil'bub in her bumble bee costume. We will be taking photos very soon, I promise.

Update #3- I actually have another "bee" announcement...I am working really hard on getting my blog&card design site up, and my new little business is officially called SugarBee Designs!! Named after lil'bub of course! SugarBee is one our (many) favorite nicknames for Avery. I can't wait to share it with all of you. As soon as I wrap up the baby announcement and holiday card I am working on this week, I will be able to finish the site and finally have somewhere to show off all my designs. Can't wait!

I sure do hate to blog without any photos, so here are some cute older ones that I have been playing with in Photoshop, enjoy :)


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