Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm a little fragile right now. The fourth season of Mad Men is officially over. It was amazing as usual, and I'm already in mourning. I now fear for the withdrawal symptoms that will inevitably start next Sunday night. I'm also still a little in shock.

This show never stops surprising me. Maybe some of you other Mad Men watchers expected all that, but I kept waiting for Don to wake up from a dream or something!! Wowzers. I need some time to process all this....but not quite the next NINE months I am going to have to spend waiting for this show to return. Blah. 

If you don't watch this amazing show, you are nuts. There. I said it. 

But don't take's late, and I'm tired. We'll be back to your regularly scheduled lil'bub programming next week, I promise! AND I am still working hard on the site for Sugar Bee Designs, although I'm not finding much time lately to concentrate. However, I did finish my little Sugar Bee Designs button, see top of sidebar. Must sleep now.



  1. Oh my gosh- was that the most awesome finale or what?! Mad Men never stops impressing me- it's the BEST! :)

  2. The finale was CRAZY!! This season went by way too fast.


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