Thursday, October 7, 2010

And the BEST HUB AWARD goes to....

MY hub! (you know--Bub the hub) What?! there's an award for that? you might be asking...well, yes, I might have made the award up, but I'm still handing it out. Because that sweet hub watched me drool day after day after fantastical designer shoes that I really really really want, but cannot afford on a mommy's salary...and then he decided to splurge for an early anniversary gift that makes me so happy, I might burst. 

Behold the beautifulness:

I am in awe. And in love.

(with both hub and shoes of course)

And just in time to wear to my ten year high school reunion on Saturday! Man, that's exciting. Now I just need to find a dress to go with them. But who even cares about the dress?! It's all about the shoes.



  1. What a fun surprise, Cassie!! Those shoes rock- and you will be the prettiest at the ball in your sparkling CLs! :) Happy Anniversary to you guys!


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