Monday, December 7, 2009


It has been almost two weeks since I last blogged! that's very uncharacteristic. A lot has happened! I'm going to do a quick (ha!) recap.

-->decided to start digitally creating greeting cards for the holidays. I started with cards for friends and family and now I'm actually making a little money, and having fun doing it! I hope to get some more experience and maybe expand to all kinds of cards. We'll see!

p.s. if you need some last minute cards, shoot me an email/comment. here are two samples of my cards!

-->flew to Austin to help host a shower for my dear friend Diana and her fiance, Keegan. Became an expert there at twinkle light decorating! (refer to photos)

-->pulled off a fun event with hosts-in-crime: Mari, Sarah, and Denise! and yes, it would have been smart to get a photo of all the hostesses together. but did I do it? no :(

-->Only caught the return flight by about 3 minutes! but at least the happy couple had fun!!

Di & Keegan

-->Lil'bub got fitted for a special vest to support her trunk and special leg braces to strengthen for future walking. It's A LOT to put on her in the morning {sigh} but thankfully, it seems to be much less annoying to her than it is to me. AND it's already helping a lot with her strength...

braces with special fitting shoes

munchkin in bright blue vest and leg braces,
all good for tackling her daddy

-->we decorated for Christmas!!

-->had a fun snow day for the second year in a row, took approximately a zillion photos, but will only share two :)

lovin' it

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