Sunday, August 23, 2009

School Daze

We both survived, can you believe it? I probably can. You probably have been wondering what the big deal was. The fact is I really did worry myself sick over this. Thursday morning came and my stomach was doing flip flops. Lil'bub was pretty amused that I was running around the house like a mad woman, getting things ready for her to go. Otherwise she had no idea what was coming. So I packed up her little bag to the brim with all her favorite stuff...

and packed up all her food in this adorable new lunch bag...

and packed up the car with everything we needed...started the car, and then realized I should probably put the munchkin in too. Ha! I would've remembered her eventually, right?

where's mom going?

We arrived nice and early so I could talk to her new teacher, Ms. Sonia, all about how lil'bub likes to do things. There were really cute signs to welcome us. Only four babies in her class! It's a fantastic ratio--two teachers and one volunteer teacher for all four kids.

Avery was whining and crying pretty much from the moment we got out of the car. I guess she felt a vibe or something. I know most of you won't believe this, but after one of the teachers gently told me that I "could go now, she'll be ok," I actually left and didn't cry! One of the other moms (who WAS crying by the way) told me I really had it all together. I'm totally serious! Of course, I spent the rest of the day moping around the house, but no matter! I was not the sobbing mess that I expected to be.

I did, however, have my phones around me every minute of the day, just in case they had to call me for any kind of reason. No calls though! And then, when I went to pick her up, I got the sweetest surprise of all. She was so happy! It's hard to express how wonderful my heart felt when I walked in and she was with her three new friends, talking and smiling. I had to give Ms. Sonia a hug...I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm nuts.

I even got a little report card that said she did really great for her first day. I get these little reports everyday too! AND SHE FINGERPAINTED!!!

what do you think? the next Pollock??

Here she is on the ride home. You can draw your own conclusions ;) but I feel much relieved.


  1. Avery is such a great artist! Wonderful Cass- just wonderful!!

  2. now if i could only be as good a student... survey measures????

  3. You are such a good mom, Cassie. Seriously! I am so glad that Avery is having fun at school. Elizabeth sometimes cries when I leave her at daycare too :( -Rach


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