Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Crack

If you are a relatively new mom, I think you know exactly what I am talking about with the title of this post. I had read and heard a lot about this so-called "baby crack" for awhile before we tried it. And I am really kicking myself now for not using it earlier. For everyone else, this is what I am referring to....

The Baby Einstein DVD's!!

My neighbor let me borrow a few, and WOW I can't believe how much lil'bub loves it. Apart from Spongebob, nothing ever really holds her focus for very long. These DVD'S, however, keep her rapt attention for the entire length of the video. The first week or so she just stared silently, but lately she has started smiling at certain parts, and making little sounds and talking to it. It's so fun to watch her reactions. It cracks me up.

So anyway, I was reminded of writing about this because of a certain resemblance today of my own munchkin to this DVD logo. We had another very long Tuesday, which involved two therapists and a trip to the hospital for a scheduled EEG. Other than making my baby scream, an EEG means one big thing to me: crazy, tangly, dirty, GLUEY HAIR...

Do you think she looks like Baby Einstein?

Actually, her hair turned out a little less gluey than previous EEG's, but still totally dirty, messy and crazy looking. Did I have the energy to wash it today when we got back? No! But back to the DVD's, they really are wonderful. She practices sitting and getting stronger (and being quiet), while watching this crazy baby addicting stuff on the big screen.

I'm pretty much dying to know how these people figured out what would entice babies the most, because they show the most random stuff. It's a lot of puppets and bright photos and toddlers saying silly things, all with classsical music in the background. I imagine that something like this took years of researching. I see little babies and t.v.'s lined up in a lab room with tons of techs recording their exact responses to various baby stimuli. It's just that good.

So as I have previously mentioned, the roadtrip to get us on vacation did not go exceedingly well. Or well at all actually. Avery got a cold the night before we left and was very stuffed up and just plain mad about being in a carseat that long. We tried just about everything we could to make her happy and not much worked. EXCEPT thank god we took the portable DVD player with the Einstein videos because otherwise it could have been worse, if that was even possible!!

This is one of the approximately 11 times we played it! Do you love that she helped hold it in place? She knew what she had to do, ya know. And did you notice the other thing that helped save her (and us) from completely losing it?? Yep, it was a balloon from SONIC!!!

quick note for the future:
balloons=endless toddler amusement

I have lots more vacation photos but I'm too tired to post them. Tomorrow!


  1. Just had a wonderful weekend with your mom! As for baby crack, I'm ALL FOR IT!!!

    Love and XXXX to Avery, Jill

  2. Which einstein DVD is your fave? We have Beethoven and Mozart, but I'm needing something new. LOVE the pics at the top of your blog btw.


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