Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Holding It Together

ok, so I want to start this off on a happy note....

and it really doesn't get much better than pigtails!

Doesn't it make her look like a little lady? She is not a huge fan of me messing with her hair, so I have to do it in like lightning speed, which usually means they are in two crazy different places on her head...but these actually look somewhat even!

OK, now I need to share that I have been majorly freaking out because tomorrow is Avery's first day of SCHOOL! And for many reasons, this fact is making me extremely nervous and emotional. I have been really weirding out Bub the hub by suddenly bursting into sobs every now and then when I realize that this is really about to happen. I know it sounds silly, but it's a very big step for us.

As many of you already know, lil'bub has been through quite a lot in her short life. Of course all of the surgeries were necessary for her survival, but they also meant that she would need a lot of therapy to recover. Instead of trying to juggle the many different therapists and appointments, we have found a wonderful school that will do all of that for her. We are also hoping that consistent school will help Avery get better about her stranger anxiety! That's a biggie.

Meanwhile, I just can't believe that tomorrow morning I will be dropping her off at school and...walking away. We have been like peas and carrots since the day she was born! And we have been through some pretty tough stuff. I cannot imagine what my days will be like without her. I am so scared that she is just going to scream her head off all day. Not to mention be incredibly confused and upset that I left her :(. I'm going to have to change the subject now before the tears come again. Repeat: this WILL be for the best, this WILL be the best....

How about some cute photos from the other night when Aunt Ali made Avery and me a belated birthday dinner?! It was delicious and fun.

turning on the smile when
she see the camera

birthday brownies made with love

loving the brownies

Or maybe some random shots?

what? is there something on my face?

ewww, boys!!
(no not really, Calvin Gentry is a doll :)

too early, mom...

Now it's time to go get all the stuff ready for munchkin's school. sniff, sniff.

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  1. I love the pic of you and her with the pigtails. Two beautiful ladies. - Rach


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