Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Selfies

My normally could-care-less-for-pics lil'bub was all about the selfies earlier this month, which I obviously need to share.

That smile just lights up my heart 

The BIG news is that this sweet love has been seizure free for over two months!!
This is the longest she's gone in YEARS.
Such a relief.

There are some other big changes happening with this bub that I will share soon.
ALLLL positive :)

And not to leave out this sweet little sister bub, who has a new look....


She picked out the pink ones herself, and she's not wearing them full-time, but boy does she look cute when she does. The eye dr. says she's far-sighted and the prescription is very small, but it's a good idea to start early. The dr. thinks her sight will actually improve over the years! I'd never heard of sight improving. I assumed everyone just slowly became blind as a bat like I did! So glad it seems like her vision will not be as bad as mine was.  Meanwhile she will rock the cute pink glasses.


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