Thursday, June 30, 2016

Swim Team

For the past month and a half, Maddie has been attending swim practice and meets with our neighborhood swim team. She was eager to get in the water every single day. From beginning to end, she became a completely different, independent swimmer, and it's been so cool to watch.

We were also excited because Maddie's cousin Molly joined the team, which made everything so much more fun :)

The first thing the coaches did was teach her how to breathe and swim at the same time. Which is actually pretty hard to do, especially when you are four! Here is after the first week or so when she got a hang of the breathing thing. The coach would tap her on the head to remind her to breathe to the side.

After a month of practice on most week days, Maddie was ready for her first swim meet. Here she was, totally relaxed before her first big race.....

I really had no idea what to expect and she totally blew me away by swimming the entire length of the pool only using the breathing cues from her coach. I was so proud!!

Maddie ended up going to four swim meets! Some of the races were harder than others, but she fought through them and finished strong every time. She really enjoyed getting those ribbons too. Ha.

What I especially loved about the season was that she learned how to be on a team, and cheer for others. The kids would do a team cheer at the end of practices and it was great to watch them all pulling for each other.

Maddie is at the bottom right here doing the cheer. Go Sharks! I loved the spirits of these kids. We are excited to do the team again next year. I am really hoping she loves to swim as much as her mommy did. So far so good!


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