Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Maddie at Four

I did an interview with Maddie last year when she turned three and I want to keep the tradition! She kept asking me for more questions this year, it was so cute. So I accommodated, of course.

What is your favorite color? "purple" Glad it changed from "black," which is what she'd been saying all this past summer :x

What are your favorite things to eat? "pancakes" Maddie Brynn can put pancakes away like nobody's business.

What are your favorite things to wear? "my fourth of july dress" This is an adorable stars and stripes dress that she inherited from her sister. I searched high and low for a pic of her in it, but couldn't find anything. I did find one of three year old Avery though--

Eagle eyed readers might spy a certain large baby bump on the side of this pic... Maddie was only about a month from delivery!

What do you love to do? "go to the park" 

What is your favorite song? "Frozen" Which song? "Let it go" Sigh.

What is your favorite day? "Sunday" Why? "cuz its the day I get to have a sleepover with Grammy" She had a holiday from school this past Monday, so she stayed overnight with her Grammy. Fresh in her mind! 

What is your favorite toy? "my pony sets" She got a bunch of My Little Pony playsets for her birthday.

What is your favorite animal? "A horse" Do you sense a theme?

Where do you like to go eat? "To Chick-fil-a" 

What's your favorite thing to do with momma? "Snuggle together" Momma's too!!

What's your favorite thing to do with dada? "Play a game" Board game fanatics, those two

What do you like to draw? "A picture of you and me hugging" She has in fact been drawing these lately and they are stinkin' adorable.

What's your favorite book? "Fun Fair" That's a tiny book about Mickey Mouse and the gang going to the fair. It's the reason Maddie calls the State Fair, "State Fun Fair" and so now do we all.

What makes you happy? "Swinging on the swing" She has discovered how to pump her legs and go so high on our backyard swing that it makes mommy's heart beat fast sometimes...

What makes you sad? "When I don't do things I wanna do....when someone hurts me" Awww

What makes you laugh? "When mommy makes silly faces" I am pretty good.

What are you really good at? "Swinging" She's honest.

What are you not very good at? "I'm not very good at doing a backflip." This raises a few questions in my mind.

What do you want to be when you grow up? "I want to be a teacher." I had never heard her say this! Love it.

Where is your favorite place to go? "To someone's party." We've been to a ton of birthday parties lately. What can I say? The girl loves some cake. And favor bags.

What is love? "Love is when someone says I love you and they say awww." Not sure but I'll take it!


What is your favorite thing that you've learned at school? "Trying to be good and not have any time outs." Sounds good to me!

What is your favorite thing about your sister? "Helping her when she has a seizure. And when she was about to fall down, I would catch her." Almost lost it here.

What do you dream about? "That I had long, long hair. Like Rapunzel." This doesn't surprise me.

Who is your best friend? "Grace and Annabel" Twin girls in her new preK class that she enjoys playing with.

What is your favorite sport? "Golf" This is a bit of a head scratcher. Has she ever even played mini golf? No. 

There are a bunch of words that Maddie still mispronounces in the most adorable way, that I do not want to forget. A few of those being: "granilla" for granola, "agonal" for diagonal, and "zzizzers" for scissors.

I am also so happy with how well she is doing with spelling her name by herself, unprompted.

writing in the sand

THIS GIRL! This girl is special. I have so much fun with her. Her bright smile can perk me up in a nanosecond. She is SO brave and social and loving and thoughtful and smart and I could go on and on and on. I love you, Maddie Brynn.


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