Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter 2015

I have to post some pics of my bunnies before time gets away again! The girls attended no less than 3 egg hunts this year, with Maddie actually winning with 4, since she also had one at school. They are not spoiled at all I tell you!

We celebrated twice on Saturday with visits to Hub's family ranch and then to mine. Getting the girls to look and/or smile for the camera is absolutely impossible lately. Pure torture? It makes me pretty crazy! Here's the only decent one I got of the girls. Sigh.

I was really happy that Avery seemed to enjoy picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket. We mostly strolled her from egg to egg, but daddy carried her around a little too. Such a good daddy. Maddie is like an ol' pro with egg hunts at this point. She was done in 60 seconds.

Here is Maddie with her second cousin Molly, who she loves to play with! 
They are so cute together.

Conspiring not to look at the camera! ha

At the next ranch (luckily, only 15 minutes away), Avery did some napping and I got to do some porch rocking, which I highly enjoy.

Maddie really loved hanging out with even more second cousins, and basically chased them around for two hours. Katie in the navy behind her and Mackenzie in the hot pink are her faves, and so sweet with her.

Maddie hearts Katie.

My cousins, Alysia and Kingslea

I didn't get any egg hunt photos at this ranch, but my sweet Aunt Kay did get a good post-nap snuggle of Mommy and Avery. That's my childhood blanket that Avery now uses.

On Sunday, Maddie was in heaven because she got to follow Buella around... her favorite cousin-dog. Maddie will walk on all fours, sit like a puppy, bark like a puppy, and do every other puppy thing you can imagine while in Buella's presence. She takes her role very seriously.

The girls had another fun Easter egg hunt..

and then preceded to refuse again to look at the camera, so
I gave up too! Happy Easter!!


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