Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oh blog

You poor thing! So neglected. No time to blog though when I am completely stressed out with my lil bub in pain again. I once more thought that we were on the mend from all the sickies a couple weeks ago and then BOOM----> Avery got a HORRible hives reaction on day 9 of her penicillin meds for the sinus infection that had cleared up on day 2. Poor thing was red from head to toe and non-stop scratching! The doctor said it would clear up in a day or two but it really kept getting worst and then finally we got a liquid cortisone for her, which really helped and then promptly gave her a horrible tummy ache. This child has been thru THE WORST lately. 

I haven't even gotten to the really bad part. This all happened right when it was finally time for her Botox treatments and so of course we had to cancel. Oh the agony! They wanted to give us a reschedule for May (whole 'nother story but I can't tell you how hard it is to get these appointments!) and that would have been eight months from her last injections, when she really needs them every three months and gets very uncomfortable waiting for them. It was so upsetting. Long story short, we were able to get her in this past Tuesday and she is much happier for it. And both girls have been happy and healthy this week! Which I am kind of scared to even write out loud because of jinxing possibilities (don't be mad, hub) but also want to sing it from the rooftops because it's been rough, y'all!

We have once again been spending a lot of time like this:

With sweet Avery in a tight mommy cuddle! Which I totally don't mind by the way, but wish it wasn't because she has been so unwell.... but at least we've got the Botox on board, so things should be vastly improving soon. My next post will include no sad tales! I gotta believe.


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