Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentines?

More like super un-happy Valentines! Both girls were miserable and feeling unwell yesterday that it was pretty much one of the worst days ever... such a bummer. We did start Friday out right by having a sweet little playdate with Miss Molly, who plays so well with Maddie.

Dress-up and tea were first on the agenda!

Avery had a seemingly good day at school on Friday as well, including a party with pizza and cake, two of her favorites. On Saturday, however, she was not acting herself and had continuous meltdowns for reasons we could never understand. Her cold cleared up last Wednesday, so that didn't seem to be it. She was too upset to eat any of her meals through out the day, so we knew something was really bothering her. All I can think is that her body is just aching since we are so long from getting the last Botox treatments. The new one is coming on Thursday, thank goodness. 

Maddie, on the other hand, seemed fine until the afternoon when she started complaining of a tummy ache. She basically spent the rest of the day and night crying, which is so unlike her. We had a bunch of warm baths and tried everything we could to help her poor tummy. She didn't really fall asleep until 1am, so it was a long day and night for all of us. 

Thankfully everyone woke up today in better spirits. Both girls enjoyed some time in the new hanging swing we got Avery for her birthday. We hung it in the corner of her room. It's a cloth swing that kind of sucks you right in, but it's the perfect size for the girls. We can swing them or spin them, which they both really like. I started calling it the "cocoon" because it's so cozy looking (and gray) and now Maddie asks me if she can swing in "Avery's raccoon" which cracks me up so much I can't even correct her.

Avery is clapping/saying "more" swing

Give me some privacy Mom!

Bub the hub and I didn't get to do anything very romantic, although he does score major point for getting me this beautiful flower arrangement.

And a sweet card. And candy! And a donut with white icing and valentine sprinkles, exactly as I had requested :). He's a very good bub indeed.


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