Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This and That

A lot been going on lately! For instance, Maddie is growing like a weed. 
And so is her hair.

Longer legs, longer face, def longer hair.

Avery also got through her EEG with flying colors...

We are still waiting for results but definitely got one episode recorded and
really interested to hear what is going on at night. She still wakes up a ton.

We celebrated Father's Day with family, food, presents and a little swimming too.

We had taken Maddie's water wings off just before this photo and about
10 seconds after this was taken she decided to take off into the pool by herself.
Way to give mommy and daddy a heart attack you crazy/brave nutball!

And out-takes:

Big sister has also returned (gladly) to school after a three week break, which leaves little sister home to play in the new giraffe pool with friends.

(thanks to Aunt Ali for pics)

AND go to swim lessons with her neighborhood bff, Jay. 
These munchkins are two peas in a pod! 

Ah, summer :)


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