Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life in quick pics 3

I am a little sad to say that I barely pick up my real camera anymore. It's 99% cellphone quick pics now! And it's been like 8 months since I posted them so I've got some good ones...

             First donuts!!               Balcony of Ritz in Tucson, AZ

This was about 1/4 of the Ritz's Mother's Day breakfast spread.

Lovin the swing ride at Greek Festival    At library reading with the big bear!  

The Bubs escape to Top Golf for a date!!  Created a birthday bouquet for Nana :)

       Happy swimmy girl       Fun at Skylar's 2nd birthday!

                              Giggling on her tummy     Balloons in her room on bday morning   

 This girl loves her silly hats.......and accessories!

 Avery's signature pony tail      "Look dolly, it's rainin!"

So excited I was able to replicate Maddie's branch in the new house

 Dressup fairy              Early morning Avery

Enjoys Michael's even more than me!  Decorated hearth 2013

Playing at the library with her sweet friend Samuel

Lucky girl's teachers braid her hair  Gingerbread cookie batch #1

Gingerbread batch #2                What cookie?

 Swing set "before" photo                 ROAR!!!!!               

 Loves ridin' grocery store cars!!   Made a new Valentine's banner             

Next week I am continuing my new house reveal series.... can't wait to share the new living and dining areas. Stay tuned :)


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