Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October makes me crazy

yep, it does.  It may have to do with how the weather keeps playing tricks on me, or how the holiday season is already approaching too quickly for me to keep up! Or maybe the fact that every weekend is totally booked, and I am totally missing my lounging time...where I can lay on the couch and veg for a bit. And talking about lounging, my little baby has turned into an expert lounger. NO idea where she gets it {wink, wink}.

 exhibit A:

She will come over to me on the couch and say, "up-up-up" and so of course I have to oblige! Then she'll put her arm up on the cushion and lay back like she owns that couch. Cracks me up.

She's really turning into more of a climber- lord help us! She especially likes to climb all over US. Here she on Mt. Daddy-

she already mugs for the camera!

I wish I had more time to blog about all the things this little bug does daily that make me giggle! Her sister too of course. As much as they drive me up the wall sometimes, I am grinning ear to ear at them way more than not.

I really appreciate all the nice messages about my last post. Avery is doing well in spite of these weird episodes, and we will find out more after this weekend when she goes into the hospital overnight for an EEG. Not a fun thing to do, but worth the answers we will get. I will keep y'all posted. Meanwhile, I've got to get all our photos together from last weekend-- our annual State Fair trip to Dallas! We had a great time and the girls did well. I was a proud mommy :)


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