Friday, October 19, 2012


Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays...really any excuse to dress up and eat candy gets me excited, so this celebration is basically perfect. No matter how much stress has been piling on lately, at least I can decorate, plan costumes, make a couple spooky menus and get excited for trick or treating! Of course, I cannot blog about Halloween and not include old costume pics. Y'all already know that. Do any of my long-time blog readers remember this header? it was one of my favs!

last year the girls dressed as Alice and the white rabbit:

Maddie was two months old, and not super duper thrilled--

ok,ok, perhaps a teeny bit terrified...

Avery and I had to laugh at little sister
At least my big girl was happy to be in costume :)

This year I've had another paired idea for costumes, but I'm not yet sure if it's going to work out, as I've had a couple of ebay snafus. It's a little late in the game, but hopefully it will happen and I can share in a couple of weeks.

Decoration-wise, I've definitely stepped it up this year with new mantle deco:

and Maddie helped me pick out some new little trick or treaters
for the book shelf the other day. They are wood, so she can play with them!

I also designed a quick little Halloween printable that I'd love to share!! It's 4x6, so easy to frame. You can print on photo paper, like I did, or print on regular paper and use as a greeting :)

Download it as a high-res, ready-to-print .pdf  HERE.

I have mine on the counter next to a treasured photo of my little fairy Avery at one year old! It's one of my fave photos of all time.

and speaking of free printables, I had to share this simply adorable Halloween dress-up paper doll from Babalisme <--- check out her page to download!!


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