Friday, September 7, 2012

Lovely Fall Wreaths

I am SO over summer. Over the heat. Over the sweat. Completely over the ridiculous humidity. I don't care if it is 97 degrees outside, my mind has decided IT IS FALL. And in the spirit of my current craftiness, I wanted to share a bunch of beautiful fall DIYwreaths from around the web. Hopefully it will get you as excited as I am for this weather that I am willing to come.

appeals to my banner obsessment
love the rosettes!

ditto rosettes- this one gets double points for inventiveness!
heart the faux argyle
burlap + pumpkins = awesome
this one is not so much DIY as it is extremely expensive & from Williams-Sonoma,
but it gets me in the mood, so why not!
PhotoCredits: 1)Craft-o-maniac 2)Addicted2Decorating 3)tumblr
4) 5)TwoSharpSmiths 6)Etsy 7)Williams-Sonoma


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