Monday, April 18, 2011

Rodeo Post

Better late than never, I always say! We went to the rodeo last month with our friends Allison and Leah. The girls both wore their super cute, pink boots for the occasion, of course. Here they are, ready to go.

They look sooo excited, yes? Well, they just didn't know what they were in for yet! 

The girls really liked seeing the animals, but this momma had a hard time with the stink this year. Have I mentioned that my super-sonic sense of smell is even stronger right now? It is. At least the girls didn't seem to mind!

guess the animal got cut off in this one :)

Avery's favorite were the chicks! We watched a couple hatch and then headed over to the newborns...Bub the hub took these photos with my cell phone, lil'bub's faces crack me up!

 Didn't take too long to tucker our babies out:

After the mommies (and daddy) grabbed some food and the girls woke re-freshed, we visited "The Butterfly House." The butterflies were really neat, not to mention gorgeous, but I was pretty paranoid that we might step on/crush/maim one the whole time. They sure did like to land on Avery's head!

And one even liked my cute boots! 

Miss Leah said, "phooey!"  on those butterflies

We ended our visit in the traditional way, with yummy ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls!!! They were so delicious! For some reason I did not take a photo this year, but they look very similar to this:

delicious! I even shared some with lil'bub, who said, "Mmmmmmm."

Thanks to our best good friends for a wonderful time! Until next year, cinnamon rolls!!!


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