Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Re-assess and Re-adjust

For almost nine months, my mind had been super focused on selling our house and moving closer to Bub the hub's work. Although we really enjoy living in our area, and love many things about this house, we knew that eventually we'd like to add another bedroom and a bigger backyard. We weren't necessarily in a hurry, but as time went on, I  (especially) got more and more involved in planning for a new, bigger home: I was constantly online looking around at houses, and my garage slowly began to fill with new junk decor and furniture items for our next home.

So I had to make a huge brain adjustment recently when our situation changed, and we had to reassess our priorities. Back in January, we found out that we were not going to able to afford Avery's private school for very much longer. It was more of a shock than I anticipated, but we'd always meant to eventually transition her into a public early learning it wasn't like there was absolutely no plan. But throw in the fact that we had just found out we were pregnant AND that lil'bub was showing the best progress ever at her private school...yes, we needed to reevaluate.

Moving to a bigger house meant that we were going to have to spend more money and definitely not be able to afford the private school. Bub the hub and I talked and talked about what to do, but there was no way to make it all work. So we made a decision. Our next step was taking the house off the market and refinancing in order to afford the tuition payment. The bigger house and backyard will have to wait.

It was really strange to be intensely focused on moving for so long, and then all the sudden revert back. I definitely took a while to adjust. A month or so later, I feel so much more at peace with our decision. It's pretty impossible to put a price on the peace of mind and confidence in your child's care and education, and most especially when lil'bub needs so much more of it at this point than other children! We have a gorgeous home that I feel lucky to have, and definitely room for another it's like, live and learn. Sometimes what you think is the typical next step is not what's the most right for your own family. Plus, I get to continue enjoying my closet that's as big as a normal bedroom. So there's that.



  1. Yes, there is definitely that! So jealous... our closet is pint sized. ;)

  2. haha yes, baby # 2 could sleep in the "closet" and it would still be a perfectly decent nursery ;) - rachele


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