Monday, December 20, 2010

Bubs Love...

Yep, it's that time again! another list! another favorites list! Just in the nick of time for you to go buy all this stuff for yourself someone you love this Christmas! (unless you are one of those people that actually doesn't wait until the week of xmas to buy your presents, but I don't see how that's any fun) 
So here's what I'm obsessing over lately:

♥ Well, first I have to tell you that ddp and I broke up again. I know, I know, but it's always been a volatile could just never live up to my first love: the real full-caloried Dr. Pepper that I only try to splurge on once in awhile (a day).  Anyhoo, it's been over for a couple months now, but I just recently started to explore other beverages that will not slowly kill me with artificial sweeteners....and now I'm in love again!  These Santa Cruz organic drinks I found at Whole Foods are totally yum! My fav flavor is pomegranate limeade, and I don't feel bad about drinking them one bit!!! so....stocking stuffer?

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen- Y'all might have already noticed this book on my sidebar, but I'm going to have to double-post it because DUDE, this is an awesome book. You can get it off amazon right now for cheap! And I'm talkin' about the nice, new-book-smelling hardback! I don't want to offend anyone, but I'm not into those electronic book reading do-hickies. I CHERISH opening a new book, being able to feel it and smell it, and then treasure it on my bookcase...maybe I'm a dork, but the bookworm in me cannot sacrifice all that for a book gadget. Back to Franzen though- this guy is amazingly talented. His novel The Corrections really hooked me. I read it when I was studying abroad in Italy, and it actually made me a bit homesick for the good old dysfunctional American life lol! But seriously, if you don't want to take it from me, BELIEVE OPRAH. She had him on her show just last week, and it's definitely in her book club. You trust OPRAH right!?! 

♥ Skin Organics....LOVE IT!! A couple months ago I got the most incredible facial of my life with Ann Webb, who started this line of products. My skin felt so refreshed afterwards that I immediately bought the moisturizer and eye cream that she was using. This was big for me because I have tried like a gazillion different moisturizers over the years, and never found anything that did not irritate my skin to some degree, so I had kind of given up on trying new ones. These products have done their job and never annoyed my skin once! Plus they go on very light and smell delightful :) also at Whole Foods!! and

♥UGGS....gosh do I love my Uggs. I have pink ones that have been SO intensely worn that they are starting to look gray, but I don't care! They are so comfy and easy to pull on that I wear them with everything, everywhere...even when it's the week of Christmas and 70 degrees outside (blech). These glittered Uggs are pretty amazing though. I wish that it'd actually get cold again so I can convince myself I need a second pair ;).

♥ For the movie lover in your life, I fully recommend the RunPee app!! It's changed my movie going life! Bub the hub and I have been using it for a while now, and it's worked perfectly everytime. Not only does it give you the movie line cues when it's the best time to run to the bathroom and not miss anything good, it also gives you a summary of whatever you missed. Genius! And now I can drink all the cherry Coke I want! ha!

♥CAN NOT live without my HP PhotoSmart printer. Seriously. It's my best friend in all my scrapbooking adventures, also very handy for quick photos for the family (choose from 4 different sizes, including wallets!) and great for a last minute print to put in a frame and give as a gift! What more can I say, everyone needs one of these.

♥ TOP CHEF ALL-STARS...ok, you can't really give this as a gift, but I still love it, so it made the list. Really, it's the best idea ever. Already great a show, and I don't have to get to know anyone new, and the contestants are already the popular/ most talented (except maybe a few ...MICHAEL I'M TALKING TO YOU), but just didn't win on their original season...I'm already engrossed and drooling at every episode. Also, the judges make me giggle.

♥ Last but not least, I've got to talk about my new go-to meal when I'm in no mood to cook, which is a lot lately!  I already loved the Amy's line, and then I found this magnificent frozen pizza. If you've ever been to Pronto Cucino in Houston (which I'm sure about 75% of those reading this have been with me at least once :), this tastes exactly like their fresh margherita pizza squares....which taste exactly like the pizza in Italy, WHICH is why I love it! It might not look like much in the photo, but it's a perfect portion size and I promise you will not be disappointed on tastiness. mmmmm good.

Hope you liked the list! Be sure and tell me if you try anything :). And go check out my SugarBee site  because I've been blogging a bit over there too!!


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