Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day by Day

This past week was Avery's last week of school before summer break #1 and this week is Maddie's last week of Pre-K and I just cannot comprehend how this school year is already over. So much has happened this past year. SO much. 

Avery is still sleeping better but we are seeing more seizures again which means we need to up her medicine, and upping her medicine just invites the crazy side effects back. Which means we have to go painfully slow and won't make it to her therapeutic dose for some time. So the seizures will probably keep coming back. But it's so much better than it's been.

It's one of those times of year where I really just have to take everything day by day because looking into the future is more overwhelming than usual. I have not planned much of our summer yet and there is no summer vacation in our sights either, which is a first. The main reason for THAT is because we have begin construction on Avery's new downstairs room!! Which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. We have been anxiously waiting this modification/construction that would mean no more carrying her up and down the stairs, which is exhausting. It also means a new special bathtub that would make bath time so much easier on everyone. Of course, the downside is dust and mess and noise and lots of people in and out of the house.

Here is a view looking into our old master bedroom, where Avery's new room and bath room will be.

The new wall separates our old bedroom. The opening will be a small linen closet. To the left will be the new bathroom and to the right will be the new bedroom.

Here is a view from inside the new bedroom. Her closet is on the right. You can see our old master bathroom in the background, which will soon be demo'd to make a closet and then start our new bedroom toward the back of the house.

We hope everything will be finished by the end of the summer. Famous last words. It will be so worth it though!!! I keep repeating to myself.

And to sum up a very, very busy month: 

-->I had a wonderful Mother's Day, where a beautiful and delicious brunch was brought TO ME, which was all kinds of awesome. Here we are with my lovely momma and brother, enjoying our brunch. Sorry crappy phone pic. And cut off Avery :/

-->Avery had an abdominal MRI to make sure there were not any evil tubers hiding in her kidneys (common for her genetic condition) and praise! there were not.

--> I had my first massage in almost a year which was GLORIOUS. Thank you bff Ali for that gift. xoxoxo

--> Maddie started swim team and has already learned so much!! She is wayyyy more independent in the water and the coaches are teaching her how to breath correctly. Here's my little fish in action!

--> We took new family photos and I can't wait to share them. Here is a preview of my littlest beauty. In the wildflowers :)

OK summer, let's do this.


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