Sunday, January 31, 2016

Avery turns 8

We celebrated Avery's eighth birthday this weekend in beautiful 70 degree Houston-Texas-in-January weather! We had a rocky start Friday night/Saturday morning with some pretty intense, longish seizures, but lil'bub managed to bounce back and enjoy her birthday festivities.

We did a small family gathering for the second year in a row. I went back and forth about what to do and finally realized that I just honestly didn't have a big party in me right now. And lord knows I never know if Avery will be up for it. I think if you are long time reader of this blog, you probably know that typically my stress runs high, my brain is well scrambled, and I really have to take things one day at a time. Without getting into novel length explanation, I am just barely hanging on lately. THE THREADS ARE BARE. So I decided you know what? Lets keep this simple. Does that mean I didn't feel guilt about it? Hell no. But we did have a leisurely weekend where we just focused on making Avery as happy as we possibly could. As it should be.

Maddie helped me make her birthday banner

I invested an extraordinary amount of money into ingredients for 
a super low carb cupcake recipe.

Thankfully, they did bake up well and Avery seemed to really enjoy. Cupcake connoisseurs might have felt they were not quite up to par... but they got the job done!

We had a lot of swinging, laughing, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, singing and music. And cuddles! Everything she loves most in the world. We even had a nice swim...

AVERY ELISE you are beautiful and strong and OH SO brave and I can't believe it was 8 years ago that you came into our lives. It feels like a lifetime ago and like yesterday at the same time. All mommy and daddy want is for you to be happy, and we work day and night for it to be so. We know there is so much going on in that special brain of yours and we will keep working to help you share it. Keep fighting, my love. We are so, so thankful that you are here with us. 


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