Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Another fun Halloween went by! My beautiful Dorothy and Snow White both had a good time. Avery always enjoys dressing up, but it is Maddie who is in her element!  

We all went to our neighborhood Halloween gathering to visit with friends before trick or treating. Avery won the best costume prize for her age group! I think it was the adorable Toto in basket that cinched it :)

Afterwards, Avery went home with daddy to eat some dinner and Maddie started on her trick or treating right away. I wish I could have gotten some photos, but she was running at top speed as fast as those little legs could carry her, from one door to another with a group of little girl friends. Seriously, it was like a herd of wild pack animals! I did get this one pic when they paused briefly to visit a Halloween table.

One sweet moment that I really wished I could have gotten on camera was when Maddie ran up to the house of her PreK teacher, who lives in our neighborhood. Her teacher leaned down and opened her arms wide and Maddie ran straight into them for a big hug. They were both so thrilled to see each other. Made my heart happy. Earlier this week, Maddie had a costume parade at her school. All the kids lined up outside their classrooms to watch the the PreK and Kindergarten kids parade up and down the halls. Precious!

Here she is with her class

Back to Halloween night, Maddie and Bub the hub did 
some (very) last minute jack'o'lantern carving.

Maddie also did a lot of handing out candy at our door. I would say this is her favorite part by far. She ended up sitting in her little chair on the porch to greet everyone that came by. And when we were about to run out of candy and turn our porch light off, she took candy from her own basket to give out, just so she could enjoy it a little longer. 

I just adore her sweet, earnest heart.

And last but not least, we had thevery wonderful Nana help us out all night! She's the best, that Nana. Or should I say, Kitty Cat Nana, with smiley Avery and Maddie with a gob of candy in her mouth.



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