Friday, June 21, 2013

Four Years of A Bub's Life!

On June 19th, A Bub's Life turned 4 years old. Like any mom, I can hardly believe it. It feels like it was just yesterday and forever ago at the same time. I might be a little sentimental.

I thought I'd do a quick walk down memory lane with all the fun blog designs I've done of the years.

THIS was the very first A Bub's Life background & header design!
(before I starting designing my own stuff)

let me show you that header up close, 'cause that baby looks super cute

I liked to change the header up every now and then...

and then in the following spring of 2010 I started designing my 
own backgrounds and page accessories...

there's that cutie patootie again!

still playing around a little with my headers...

went a little heart crazy, but a new little bub was on the way!

Maddie is born! and mommy has less time to design haha

and that brings us to the current design, which has stuck around for more than a year-- a long time for me! Something new and fresh is definitely on the horizon. Right on the to-do list after remodel and move into the new house. So, you know, in about 5 years. Happy Birthday blog! And thanks for all of my sweet readers for sticking with me!


1 comment :

  1. Happy birthday, Bubs! :)
    Loyal Reader <3 (Aunt Ali)


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