Sunday, August 19, 2012

Madeline is ONE

On Wednesday we celebrated Maddie's true birthday with a smaller party for family. She got to eat cake again and open presents again and just generally do whatever she wanted :). She was a happy girl. And we are the happiest parents to have such a HEALTHY, beautiful, bubbling, little social butterfly....Bub the hub and I have to pinch ourselves every single day.

I posted a short video on Facebook of when I went to get Madeline out of bed on her birthday morning, but it's actually part of a longer video that is just too precious not to share! And it's just impossible not to smile back at this little bug.
See the video here:

She was trying so hard to say "birthday"..."BA, ba ba" and then "da!"--- did you hear it? Makes me so proud!! It seems like every day she has a new sound or funny word approximation. Yesterday, she was repeating, "puh puh puh," for us to pick her "up." She's really good at repeating "bubu" for bubbles (a big fave) and we really think we have heard her say, "du" for duck.

You might be able to imagine that I have just about a bajillion photos to sort through still, but here she is all dressed up for her party!

and cake....

and overwhelmed with so many fun gifts!!

we were tired girls at the end...

more to come!!


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