Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day and 29 weeks

I had some fun making a nice brunch for sweet Bub the hub and my own daddy on Sunday. I really jump on any excuse to make my recipe for Berry Turnovers!! SO delicious, and I get to make a big mess:

The hubs also requested real bacon for the occasion. Poor guy only gets turkey bacon in our house normally. I also had lemon muffins, cantaloupe with grapes, and lil'smokies. The Bub family fully recommends Applegate Farms Organic cocktail franks:
They are delicious with a little spice kick at the end!

Here was the spread...

Happy, hungry daddies!

Then grandaddy got some quality cuddle time with the munchkin
grandaddy, help me rub my feet!
yes, that's nice :)
And the 29 week bump at our weekly Sunday family swim:
How far along?  29 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? 15 at my appointment two weeks ago
Maternity clothes?  heck yes
Sleep?  left side only now, half-way sitting up to prevent the reflux :(
Movement? pretty constantly, she likes to kick her sister the most- ha!
Food cravings? my appetite has diminished a lot, can't fit much anymore
What I miss: carrying Avery more, cooking more...
Milestones:  Baby Bub is almost 3 pounds and about 15 inches long already!

We are working hard on getting her nursery ready, I can't wait to share some photos soon :)

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