Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let Me Count the Ways...

I got an email earlier today- from one of the parenting sites I subscribe to- with a list of all the ways your child shows that they love you. It kind of made me think...because our lil'bub can't say, "I love you," yet, or do some of the other traditional things that kids her age do to show love. That's hard to swallow sometimes, but it makes me think of the little things she does do to show me her love. And I love them :) And it made me appreciate the fact that even though she doesn't express it as typically, she is most definitely a VERY loving child.

Probably every person that meets us can see that lil'bub has a bit of a (ok, rather intense) mommy attachment...but sometimes that just has to do with the fact that she doesn't have as much independence, yet, as other children her age. But her being clingy on me is not really what I was referring to before.

It's the way she grabs my hand sometimes, just out of the blue, and holds on while she goes back to her activity. It's the way she beams when I praise her. Like she just won the best kid in the world contest! (A shoo-in, I would say). It's the way she lights up into a frenzy when she sees I'm there to pick her up from school. And it's the way she looks deep into my eyes, and smiles at my smile.

And of course, the way she pulls me over for secret telling...

ok, just wanted to share. bday pics coming soon!


1 comment :

  1. Love it!! Made me smile! I see the love she has for you in ALL of your pictures. Especially the adorable one above! =)


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