Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ridiculously Overdue

Thought it was high time that I shared a few Xmas/New Years photos, you know, before spring arrives! I think this past December was possibly the busiest month of my entire life...but I do like to exaggerate. sometimes. Even so, I think I completed about 25 cards in approximately 20 days, which was CRAZY, not to mention lots and lots of lil'bub doctor appointments (she got her second round of botox injections!), and crafting 90% of the xmas presents that I gave out this year. The crafting always seems like a good idea at first, and then I always run out of time. Still, I think everyone enjoyed their stationary and/or sewed project whether it was on time or two weeks after Christmas (sorry friends :)!

The downside of the busy-ness is that I barely took any photos, darnit! But here is what I do have:

 Us before Bub the hub's office party

Lil'bub after her first school pageant!

 Uncle Drew brought Christmas Eve dinner over AND 
cooked it for us all by himself! so impressive and less stressful for me :)

must share that this is one of the greatest things that I have 
ever tasted....whole chicken stuffed with yummy, YUMMY mashed potatoes.
sounds weird, tastes delicious.

Avery talking/petting/rolling around with one of her very favorite doggies,
Shrek, her bf Leila's pet.

As far as Christmas day, I present you with:

The new favorite way to post photos! Avery looked quite beautiful in her penguin sweater dress and she got lots of awesome presents. So did her parents! It was really fun to finally see Bub the hub open up the trip to New York that I had kept a secret for so long. I wrapped up the printed reservations to an amazing restaurant in NYC owned by Top Chef's Tom Colicchio. He was surprised to say the least! And he did his own surprising too:

 He printed a book from the first year of my blog, isn't that the best!?!? There were definitely some tears on this one. Such a thoughtful present, and I absolutely love reading through it. Great job bub! 

Well, I ran out of time for New Years pics so I'll do that later this week. Looking forward to the next montage. I really love that tool. And don't forget to check out the montage I just posted on SugarBee of my 2010 Holiday Collection!


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