Ribbon Topiary Tutorial

Depending on what size topiary you want to make, all of the materials below can be purchased in alternative sizes.
The topiary in this tutorial is 18 inches tall. It requires a couple of hours to complete, and costs $10-20, depending on what type of ribbon you purchase.

Materials you will need:
-Styrofoam Ball, 6 inch
-Ribbon, 1.5 inches wide, cut into 4 inch strips
-Straight Pins, 1 inch long, box of about 250-300
-Wooden Dowel Rod, 12 inches long

-Flower Pot, 6 inch (or use a bucket, basket, box, etc.)
-Floral Foam, fit to pot
-Shredded paper to fill pot (or use curling ribbon, Easter grass, moss, etc.)

-Hot glue gun

you can easily find these materials at Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Joann's
here the wooden dowel has already been wrapped in coordinating ribbon,
you can also paint the dowel or leave it au natural!
this topiary used 7 different colorful ribbons...
cut the ribbon into 4 inch strips- you need approximately 140 strips total
to make it look really full- so in this case, 20 strips per ribbon
***TIP: do not attach styrofoam ball to dowel yet!
it's much easier to place ball on your work table and attach ribbons there!!***
loop each strip around your finger, like so 
attach rounded strips to styrofoam ball with 2 straight pins,
angled down & seam side down
loops should be pinned close to one another, so the white of styro-ball is completely
covered; alternate different colors & patterns, covering the entire ball
now it's smooth sailing! decide how/if you want to cover your dowel &
then push one side through styro-ball & the other through the floral foam
this topiary dowel was wrapped with coordinating
skinny ribbon & secured with hot glue
time to decorate your pot! this one is actually wrapped with
plaid wrapping paper to match the backdrop of the party
 use the hot glue gun to attach floral foam inside the bottom of the pot,
& add your shredded paper/grass to hide the foam--
this one has hanging, skinny ribbon tied under the styro-ball for extra fun
a view from the top! make sure the styrofoam is well covered
all done!

Here are the two topiaries finished for my daughter's first birthday party,
I just adore how they came out!
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